God’s Letter To Those Suffering

Gosh I really needed to read this!! So good.


My Child,

I know your thoughts. I hear your cry.

I know your life isn’t going how you wish it would. I know you are experiencing pain. I know you are looking at me and asking “why God?” I hear it all.

I hear it all and when you cry, I cry. When you weep, I weep. When you fall to your knees in anguish, I fall to my knees to pick you up.

Sadly, this world has sin. And with sin comes pain, death and suffering. With sin comes disease, sadness and bullying. However, although your world may be falling apart, this world does not matter. This is not your world. This world is not meant to be perfect. This world is meant to be about you choosing me. This world is about you, in the midst of a world of sin, keeping your eyes on me.

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